Stage Two Pressure Switch Wiring Diagram

On-Board Air Compressor Wiring:

Stage Two Pressure Switch Wiring Diagram - Wiring Diagram 25HNB6 Infinityr 16 2---Stage Heat Pump with Puronr Refrigerant 2to5NominalTons CAP CB CCH CHS COMM COMP CONT CAPACITOR CIRCUIT BOARD CRANKCASE HEATER CRANKCASE HEATER SWITCH SYSTEM COMMUNICATION. ETC TWO STAGE ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL Relay Electrical Ratings 120V 208/240V NO Contact • Lockout switch to prevent tampering by unauthorized personnel. Input and Output Wiring For typical wiring diagrams, refer to Figures 6 and 7.. High temperature switch open Rollout switch open Flame present with gas off` Exceeded max limit trips in one call for heat (5) Gas Valve Fault Pressure/centrifugal switch closed with inducer off R C Outdoor Fan Motor Outdoor Fan Motor S R S C See Alternate OD fan wiring Diagram B T2 T3 T1 CC2 Compressor 2 Aux. Switch (N.C.) CC2 CCH2 711153B 06/11 (Replaces 711153A) - Indicates plug connection..

→ Table 1—Heating Stages BALANCE POINT WIRING DIAGRAM SYSTEM TYPE STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3 SETTING Above Furnace — 1-speed HP Fig. 2 1-stage furnace Below Furnace — — Above Furnace Lo Furnace Hi 1-speed HP Fig. 4, 6, 8 2-stage furnace Below Furnace Lo. Collector Box Pressure Switch (LPS) Tapped into Collector Box. Connects electrically to GVR via furnace control board. The HPS has a lower set point than the LPS. HPS functions as a blocked vent switch. Two Stage Wiring Diagram. Refer to the legend. HPS. High-Heat Pressure Switch. Wiring Diagram 25HNB9 Infinityr 19 2---Stage Heat Pump with Puronr Refrigerant 2to5NominalTons 338865-101 REV. A 1. Compressor furnished with inherent thermal protection. 2. To be wired in accordance with National Electric Code (N.E.C.) and local codes..

If we align the switch so the Common is first we could label the tabs of Stage 1: C, 1, 2, 3 and the tabs of Stage 2: 1, 2, 3, C. We will solder a jumper wire from Tab 1 to Tab 2 of Stage 2. Wire a jumper wire from Tab 2 of Stage 2 to Tab 2 of Stage 1.. 2) Disconnect the solenoids from the relays to prevent them from firing. 3) Turn on the ignition power and arm the 2-STAGE PROGRESSIVE SWITCH. 4) Verify that the RED / YELLOW / GREEN LEDs are off with the throttle in the idle position. 5) Push the throttle to the wide-open position (WOT) and hold it.. This NorthStar® belt-driven compressor has a 2-stage 3-cylinder pump (Model 459232) or a 2-stage 2-cylinder pump 6. Pressure Switch-Auto/Off switch: In AUTO position, compressor shuts off automatically when for a diagram of the compressor and its components..

This NorthStar® belt-driven compressor has a single-stage 2-cylinder pump (Model 47500) or single-stage 3-cylinder pump (Model 47501), made with heavy-duty cast iron cylinders for long life, and a compact design rated for 135. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR PART #212 STAGE 2 MAF/MAP WATER-METHANOL INJECTION SYSTEMS o 10’ High Pressure Tubing o 3’ Black Wire Loom Electrical Packet o 1 Green LED w/Resistor o Step 3 Level Switch **Refer to Page 4 Wiring Diagram**. See wiring diagram for heat antici-pator settings. Two stage board 100869 features a red LED light, for fur- See wiring dia- 2 Second Stage Pressure Switch 3 Rollout In 4 Ground 5 24V Hot 6 Primary Limit In 7 Gas Valve 1st. Stage (Low Fire).

TWO STAGE/TWO CYLINDER AIR COMPRESSORS & UNITS This can be accomplished by wiring with a grounded, Pull main electrical disconnect switch and disconnect any separate control lines, if used, before attempting to work or perform maintenance on the air compressor or unit. "Lock out" or "Tag out" all power sources.. The SERIES 1950 Explosion-proof Differential Pressure Switch combines the best features of the popular Dwyer ® Series 1900 Pressure Switch with an integral explosion-proof and weatherproof housing, making it an exceptional value for either application..

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